What is Permaculture?

Permaculture has been described in many different ways. Essentially it is a practical system for living sustainably and regenerating the earth & our communities. It is based on observing principles and patterns in nature. Rather than seeing living systems as disconnected parts, permaculture helps us to see them as a whole and to maximise the relationships between things, while also working within an ethical framework (earth care, people care and fair shares). Permaculture has empowered people worldwide to develop dynamic, resilient systems and projects that work with nature, rather than against it.

Permaculture can be applied in many contexts and scales:

  • the home and garden
  • allotment
  • community space / garden
  • small-holding & farm
  • business & workplace
  • one’s own life and career (e.g. developing a meaningful and resilient livelihood)
  • people-based community projects

Permaculture can be applied to each situation.

Some Definitions..

“Permaculture is the harmonious integration of people into the landscape in such a way that the land grows in richness & aesthetic beauty.” (Patricia DuBose Michael)

“Permaculture is a way of life which shows us how to make the most of our resources by minimizing waste and maximizing potential. Living ecologically doesn’t mean giving everything up, but relearning the value of nature & understanding new ways of being wealthy.”  (Graham Bell from The Permaculture Way).

“The essence of permaculture is ancient in origin – taking inspiration from the civilisations of the world that have survived for thousands of years… However, permaculture is an integration of many skills and disciplines, brought together to design ways of living in the 21st century.”  (Ian Lillington, The Holistic Life – Sustainability  through Permaculture)

Permaculture Workshops & Courses

We offer workshops and introductory courses in permaculture. Upcoming courses are posted on this website.

If you would like us to lead a workshop or course for your organisation, workplace or community group, please contact us.


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